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Donations through Trusts and Foundations play a vital role in supporting Healing Little Hearts charity to save the lives of under-privileged children in the developing parts of the world.

Why give to Healing Little Hearts?

One of the key objectives of Healing Little Hearts as an organisation is to extend our reach to as many children as possible in the developing world who require cardiac surgery. We encourage Charitable Trusts and Foundations who share the same ethos as Healing Little Hearts to partner with us. By doing so, this will improve the lives of children who suffer from Congenital Heart Disease and who cannot access the resources to undergo surgery.

Everyone that is involved in our charity works voluntarily and without any financial renumeration. Our medical professionals take annual leave or unpaid leave from their jobs to volunteer on our camps. Some even go on 2-3 camps a year.

Our focus is on the creation of sustainable models of care and long-term mentoring with hospitals we collaborate with in the developing world. If you are a member of a Charitable Trust or if you represent a Foundation which shares the same vision as Healing Little Hearts, then please consider supporting us.

With negligible running costs, virtually all money donated will go towards actually saving children’s lives. We will provide your Foundation or Trust details of how the money that you have donated is used by a comprehensive report from each camp.

We will go where we need to go

Mohammed's story

Imagine what it would be like to see your child’s health deteriorate, knowing that they can be restored to full health if only you could afford medical assistance. Three-year-old Mohammad’s parents had lost all hope that their little boy would survive. However, with the help of the Healing Little Hearts team, Mohammad received his open-heart surgery during a camp in Kelantan, Malaysia in September 2017. As is evident in the photograph he bounced back from surgery in record time with a big smile on his face enjoying some playtime.

During that particular week 12 lives and 12 families received help, hope and love all thanks to One Kind Act, a Charitable Trust who generously sponsored the camp. With the help of your Charitable Trust or Foundation we can give many children like Mohammad more reasons to smile! Please give today! Your support is vital.

Trust-and-foundation MOHAMED-min

Mohammed – Malaysia Camp, September 2017.

What makes us different to other charities

  • FREE Heart Surgery to the poorest babies and children in the world
  • HLH Global Foundation works in 12 countries across 3 continents
  • Over 2000 children’s lives saved
  • Average 20 camps and up to 250 children operations annually
  • Virtually no administration costs, 96% money raised goes directly to the cause
  • Run by volunteers, no person receives any financial remuneration
  • All medical volunteers take annual or unpaid leave to go on our life saving missions – some 2-3 weeks per year
  • We up-skill local staff as well as our teams
  • Emphasis on Africa where CHD statistics are very high

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We receive no financial assistance from governments

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