Healing Little Hearts and Team 1c

The connection we have with Team 1C in Liverpool is incredibly special to us. What makes Team 1c narrative powerful and poignant is the fact that many parents who actively participate in fundraising have themselves lost children born with Congenital Heart Disease. Such a model whereby parents of children born with CHD in one country selflessly and tirelessly raise money to fund life saving heart operations in the poorest countries of the world is unique and without parallel.

Thanks to their courage and efforts Team 1c have raised a massive £74,000 and have now become a vital and integral part of Healing Little Hearts for which we are incredibly grateful.

Who are Team 1c?

We are Team 1c – a group of parents whose children were born with a cardiac condition and are under the care of Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

As parents we have handed our children over to the surgical team and placed our faith in them at least once. We know how it feels to have a critically ill child, but thanks to the NHS and our amazing hospital, we’ve never had to worry about the cost.

We became aware of Healing Little Hearts because some of our wonderful Cardiac Team give up their own annual leave and volunteer their time and expertise to volunteer for Healing Little Hearts, including our amazing Surgeon, Dr Ram.

How do Team 1c help Healing Little Hearts?

Our aim is to fundraise for Healing Little Hearts and sponsor camps in honour of bereaved children at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Thus providing comfort and a legacy to the bereaved family.

Each camp will provide lifesaving heart surgery for up to 15 children, who otherwise would not be able to afford the care they so desperately need. In the first year we raised over £40,000 and funded 8 Healing Little Hearts Camps. Since then we have raised funds to sponsor a further 5 camps. This will give a new lease of live to 180 children with Congenital Heart Diseases in the developing parts of the world.

In addition, by holding various fundraising event throughout the year together with our social media outreach we are able to raise the profile for the charity.

It doesn’t stop here… our aim is to reach more children in desparate need of our help. If you would like to support us follow us on our social media channels @Team1c.

“As parents we know how it feels to have a critically ill child, but thanks to the NHS we have never had to worry about the cost. Therefore it is our primary aim to give something back and help children less fortunate than our own”

Claire Cathcart – Founder, Team 1c, Liverpool

Maya's Story

When our young patients like 6 year old Maya* are seen at screening before camp begins they are often apprehensive and frightened. The day of surgery arrives and their family members kiss their child goodbye quietly saying a prayer wishing for the surgery to go well as they hand their child overto the Healing Little Hearts theatre team.

Following surgery the theatre team hand the child over to the Healing Little Hearts PICU team where the child is monitored and taken care of until they are ready to discharge to the ward. Maya is seen here smiling with Marlene a Surgical Care Practitioner from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool having made a wonderful recovery.

*name changed for protection


Maya* with nurse Marlene – Karimnagar, India, March 2018.

Helping children less fortunate than our own

Some of our children

Jake Cathcart, BCyA

Jake is the inspirational little boy whose bravery started the Team 1C movement. You would never know it if you met him, but Jake was born with an incredibly rare and complex cardiac condition and has been through so much in his little life. He has dealt with everything life has thrown at him with bravery, a smile and even though he lives with the challenges of CHD he always gives 100% into fundraising to help his “cardiac cousins” who do not have the luxury of a free healthcare system at point of use.

In 2018, Jake was given the honour of being the youngest recipient of the British Citizen Youth award for his bravery and dedication to helping those less fortunate. READ FULL STORY…


Jake Cathcart BCyA

(Age 3)


Tristan Elijah Campbell

10th April 2015 – 30th January 2018

Tristan Elijah Campbell

Tristan, AKA ‘The Best Ever’ had an incredibly complex condition, but it did not define him. He loved life, he loved his family and he loved Toy Story (especially Woody!). Tristan sadly passed away aged just two and half following complications from one of his many surgeries. His mummy and daddy with the help of family and friends (Team Tristan) continue to keep his memory alive by supporting Team 1C in their fundraising.

The first ever Team 1C camp was named after Tristan and he will always have a special place in our hearts. Tristan’s ‘Best Ever camp’ took place in Karimnagar, India on 11-17th March 2018 and provided life saving heart surgery for 13 children. READ FULL STORY…

Fatima Al-zahra Farooq

Fatima was adored by everyone that met her, none more so than her devoted mother Shazeena. Though her life was short her mum made sure it was full, even taking Fatima to visit Canada when she was just a year old. She loved Butterflies and Disney, especially Minnie Mouse. Fatima and her mum loved to go to the Trafford Centre and watch the water fountains together. Fatima was just two and a half when she passed away following complications from surgery but her memory lives on in the amazing fundraising her mum does on behalf of Team 1C

Fatima’s ‘Butterfly Camp’ took place in Karimnagar, India on 29th September – 6th Oct 2018 and provided life saving heart surgery for 16 children. READ FULL STORY…

Fatima Al-zahra Farooq

2nd August 2015 – 25th March 2018


(Age 1)

Theo Fry

Theo is just 1 year old and already a global superstar! He has been on quite a journey and thanks to the amazing work of the team at Alder Hey is now thriving following multiple cardiac arrests and surgeries. Theo is always smiling and his zest for life is so infectious.

Theo’s mum and dad show their gratitude to the team that saved his life by fundraising for Healing Little Hearts as part of Team 1C, and Theo himself gets involved whenever possible. READ FULL STORY…

We receive no financial assistance from Governments

Our Camps

Team 1c’s original goal was to raise enough funds to send one Healing Little Hearts camp to the developing world. However it soon became apparent that the support we received was phenomenal and what we were doing was incredibly unique – so we thought why stop at funding one camp when thousands of poor children need our help?

In two years, we have funded 13 camps which have operated on over 180 children, giving them the same chance at life our children have had. We decided to name each camp in memory of a Team 1C child who has sadly passed away, which has also provided comfort to the family and a lasting legacy to be incredibly proud of. Our lifetime goal is to raise enough money so that every Team 1c child has a camp named after them. If you’d like to help us achieve that, please get in touch!

Our Events

Team 1c’s fundraising events started life with a small music gig at a pub in Bury, we then had our (now famous) Stars and Stripes Ball, which was so successful we had to organise a second one just 6 months later! We also do many sponsored sporting events including the 3 peaks, white collar boxing ,the Manchester Glow run and the Kids Liverpool Spring 1k.

We also regularly have social media activities to raise funds and awareness and as our children are at the heart of what we do, we try to include them as often as possible. We are always on the lookout for new ideas to raise money and promote Healing Little Hearts.

Our Team

Team 1c is open to anyone who is connected to Alder Hey’s cardiac family, if you have a passion for have ideas on unique fundraising and some spare time, please get in touch!

Our group has many volunteers, but is headed by a core team, and we are:

• Claire Cathcart, Co-founder, Main point of contact, Social Media Team, finance, sales
• Sarah Rea, Co-Founder, design and print
• David Hutton, social media team, point of contact for Bury area
• Kate Campbell, social media team, research, collateral, point of contact for Bury area
• Abbie Potter, Events
• Vicky Hughes, Local Media champion, Liverpool Area
• Steven Fry & Fauve Syers, Local Media champion, Manchester area
• Terry & Michelle Travis, Local Media champion, St Helens area
• Shazeena Ahmad, Merchandise
• Ken Walker, Design & Print

Media & Press coverage

Team 1c are incredibly grateful to the regional news outlets for their support and coverage of our events. In particular to the St Helens Star who have covered our fundraising from the very first event. More recently, national newspapers and news channels have become aware of the work we do, we are always happy to speak about Team 1c and our latest projects, please get in touch if you’d like to speak to us or you would like to know more!

For further information on Team 1c please email us on: starsandstripesball@gmail.com