Our Founder


Dr Sanjiv Nichani, OBE

Founder, Healing Little Hearts

Senior Consultant in the Care of critically Ill Children

University Hospitals of Leicester, UK

Honorary Senior Lecturer

The Leicester Medical School

A nightmare that became a dream

A personal tragedy that I suffered as a young child helped shape me and my approach to life. Simultaneously it gave me a heightened sense of awareness of the poverty, inequity and deprivation that surrounded me in India. Having attended medical college in India and then moving to the USA followed by the UK, I wanted to give something back to society by using my skills and knowledge as a Paediatric Intensivist. I was brought up to understand the importance of helping people and giving back to those that need it the most. My mission was clear – to create a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) revolution that gives every child with CHD the opportunity to live. It is with these fundamental beliefs in mind that Healing Little Hearts was founded.

“Our aim is to help CHD children and their families lead full and fulfilled lives”

Their Hearts

Numerous demographic studies have demonstrated that there are 1.4 miliion born with CHD in the world every year, and over 1 million of these children are born in the poorest countries and by a tragic twist of fate into the poorest families in the world. That effectively means that 90% of children born in the developing world with CHD will never receive the life saving treatment required to live a normal and healthy life. These studies have also shown that in the developing world there is gross under provision of health care facilities comprised of trained doctors and nurses with the ability to treat babies and children born with CHD.

Your Support

Your support and donations literally help save lives by allowing HLH to send teams of doctors and nurses to perform life saving operations that these desperately ill and poor children deserve. Many businesses, community leaders and individuals are on board. You too can be part of our journey to give life and hope where there is none. HLH pays no salaries and all volunteers take annual leave so virtually all the money donated is used to perform life saving heart operations

Our Action

Our motto is to operate in countries where the need is greatest with Africa being a very big focus. Our recent visit to Palestine demonstrates our resolve to help those most in need. Crucially during our camps to the hospitals we train, empower and equip the local doctors and nurses with the knowledge and skills to treat children with heart disease in their own countries. 3 Hospitals that we have worked with are now able to perform heart surgery on babies and children independently

In my opinion:

“Life is not measured by the moments that take your breath away but by the number of breaths that you help others take”

Please join us in our journey to give life and hope where it is most needed.