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Beautiful 3 month old baby Saahi* was our first patient on our recent camp to An-Najah University Hospital in Nablus, Palestine. She was one of the fortunate ones to be seen by our medical team and receive her operation that restores all basic human entitlements.

Saahi* was featured on our social media platforms. Many people engaged with the post by sharing it and as such extended our global outreach. Donations are often generated from our social media posts. This enables us to continue our mission and to ensure many more children like Saahi are able to live the life they deserve.

*name changed for protection

Having returned home today, our medical team know that they have made a life changing difference to nine children and their families. This camp marks our 1600th operation on children with Congenital Heart Disease. We thank our team for giving their time, skills and knowledge to help those in need. Also, to the host hospital for their support.

Due to the lack of charitable and medical funding available, many children in Romania are without the adequate medical care they desperately need. As a result for the next 6 weeks Healing Little Hearts is running an individual campaign to help fund heart operations specifically in Romania. With your kind donation we can help heal little hearts and save young lives in Romania.

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